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Who we are

Horizon Strategy is a consultancy whose mission is to reinvent and democratise strategic advice

This decade is ushering in the next-generation experience economy. It is digital-first, it moves in ever-shorter development cycles and is defined by intelligent products and services that offer more convenience and personalisation

In those circumstances, the traditional strategic planning, intended for conventional products and services, becomes obsolete

The solution is customer-centric, insights-powered and agile strategy development at every level of the organisation – a genuinely human-centred strategy

We work with technology and telecoms companies to reinvent their experience, marketing & sales, and product strategies, so that they can build powerful customer connections and conquer the next frontier of growth

Our difference

We combine the power of rigorous research, design thinking and strategic approach. This enables us to achieve a balance of a deeper customer understanding with the new commercial reality

Our beliefs

  • Intrinsic integrity

    We only employ those who have it and value it above all else

  • Honest challenge

    We believe in giving our clients the best solutions, even if it means telling them that they need to change course

  • Genuine curiosity

    Explore the world with a fresh pair of eyes and never stop asking why things are the way they are

  • Purposeful excellence

    We are pathologically unable to settle for the lowest common denominator and always strive for the highest quality possible

  • Disciplined creativity

    We believe that following a process and being disciplined empowers you to be both creative and efficient

How we work

  • Learn insatiably

    Obsessed with finding out as much as we possibly can about your business, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to understand the needs of your team, your business and your customers

  • Collaborate tightly

    Great at working collaboratively, in a tight feedback loop with our clients. This maintains momentum and keeps the idea development firmly tied to commercial implications

  • Socialise powerfully

    Only satisfied when our recommendations get implemented and socialised effectively throughout the organisation, and when it moves the needle on how the company operates

Our team

Our consultants embrace three domains in everything they do:

  • strategy (commercial perspective)

  • design (design thinking & attitude)

  • insights (human truths)

While each is typically an expert anchored in their dominant field ( i.e. strategy, design or insights ), they are also able to successfully leverage the strengths of the other two. Working together they drive clients’ end-to-end strategies in the most effective way

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If you are interested in working with Horizon Strategy, please feel free to reach out to us at team@horizonstrategy.io

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