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Having worked with a variety of industries – from CPG (FMCG) to hospitality – we have acquired broad-based expertise throughout our fifteen years in consulting

We chose to focus on what we are good at. Technology and telecoms companies is where we have found ourselves excelling time and again. This specialism and deep industry knowledge, allows us to add significant value

to our clients

We focus on four sub-industries across
technology and telecoms

Technology Hardware

commercial and
industrial hardware

We work with a broad range of technology manufacturers and part providers that are looking to engage in B2B and B2C markets

We help them build better customer experiences and more effective marketing and sales strategies

Mobile and Telecoms

and networks

We work with mobile manufacturers and telecoms operators to help them create effective marketing strategies, position next-generation 5G-based experiences effectively and deliver experiences that achieve impressive levels of retention

Software, Services and Platforms

Specialised software,
IT services, marketing
technology and platforms

We work with software, service and platform providers to develop new customer experiences and business models, with the aim of increasing the Customer Lifetime Value of every customer served

Emerging Technologies

3D/4D Printing,
AI, quantum computing,
autonomous robotics

We engage in a wide range of technology topics – from IOT to Industry 4.0

By developing product and GTM market strategies that work, we enable manufacturers of cutting-edge technologies to commercialise ideas faster and more efficiently

Some of the brands we have worked with

Below are some examples of technology and telecoms brands we have worked with prior to Horizon Strategy

Some of our projects

Technology Hardware | Humanise

Creating a shared organisational language for developing and marketing technology products for a global consumer electronics manufacturer

We devised a robust, global segmentation that has been used as an internal communication framework, new product development guide and strategic marketing scaffolding

Technology Hardware | COMMUNICATE

Aligning a segment-based communication strategy with the lifecycle of games

We were able to show clearly which patterns of marketing asset deployment produced the best commercial outcomes. This enabled the company to match the assets and channels to the most effective points in the game’s lifecycle, thus maximising sales

Software, Services and Platforms | Commercialise

Developing vertical-driven solutions and services to enhance a Fortune 50 print manufacturer’s product offering

This led to a launch of new services and solutions that transformed their customers’ daily workflows for the better

Mobile and Telecoms | Connect

Revolutionising customer journeys analysis and contributing to a better allocation of strategic marketing resources for a leading network provider

We demonstrated that consumer segments were poor predictors of channel switching and customer journey differences. This transformed how the company chose to redeploy strategic marketing resources across their mobile and broadband journeys

Emerging Technologies | Commercialise

Creating new ways to capture revenue in the 3D printing education market for a global 3D printing manufacturer

Using our insights we generated distinct business models with both immediate and long-term impact, enabling the client to drive adoption and grow their product and services revenue in the education market

Human-centred Strategic Technology-obsessed

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